Steven Goddard

Registered Osteopath

Steven Goddard graduated from The British College of Osteopathic Medicine in 2004 and has almost ten years experience as an Osteopath, first in Cardiff before moving to the Coach House Clinic in 2006.

Steven specialises in sports injury and rehabilitation back to fitness.  He uses a variety of techniques including structural, cranial and soft tissue manipulation in a programme designed for the individual patient.   Offering structural assessment, injury rehabilitation and sports taping Steven also encourages recovery from injury by giving a variety of targetted stretches and exercises to be performed at home.

“Anyone who has experienced osteopathy will know that each osteopath has an individual approach to treatment, honed and developed through practise and experience.

During my time in practice I have found it helpful to consider the human body as a complex machine, though one we tend to neglect until it shows signs of malfunction. Generally speaking, the more care we take of this machine, the better it performs and the longer it will function smoothly.”

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