Podiatry & Chiropody

Focus on Podiatry & Chiropody

F. Kaseem Javed BSc(Hons). Podiatry, SRCh. MChS

State Registered Chiropodist & Podiatrist
Lorna MacIntyre MChS., SRCh., DPod
Moira McRitchie BSc Hons, MChS., S
Clare Duguid MSc BSc (Hons) MChS

A full range of Chiropody & Podiatry treatments are offered from:

Routine chiropody for corns, callus and ‘problem’ toenails to treatment of verrucae using chemical or cryosurgery techniques.

Nail surgery under local anaesthesia, primarily for ingrowing toenails but also for permanently thickened and damaged nails.

Sports Clinic

Biomechanics and sports injury management which is of particular interest and a rapidly expanding area of practise. An analytical approach to skeletal structure and gait is applied to improve posture and reduce injury. This is of particular relevance to those engaged in sport in order to enable best performance, but all ages from children to the elderly can be helped in this way.

Further information about specific problems may also be obtained from the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists.