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David Morgan, Weightlifter – Commonwealth Champion and Olympian

I trust Alex’s healing hands to identify – and then sort – any physical niggles that might get in the way of my training. Any time I have sought his help, Alex’s advice has always been sound and his knowledge of the workings of the human body impressive. No athlete wants to be suffering and unable to train; Alex gets you back on track swiftly and expertly. Dave Morgan, the most successful Commonwealth athlete ever…..just in case you had forgot!



John Williams, President of England Golf

“I have been treated by Alex Taylor since 2001 for various joint, muscle and flexibility problems. He is friendly, understanding of the activities I want to pursue, obviously very knowledgeable and, most important, highly effective. If it wasn’t for him and the massage treatment from his colleague, Charlie Pollington, I probably wouldn’t still be playing golf and able to undertake other normal activities unrestricted and pain-free. On a couple of occasions, when he felt I needed different treatment, he hasn’t hesitated to refer me to a consultant or specialist qualified to help.”

Dr Len Shapiro

‘I have been using the services of the therapists at the Coach House for some years. Alex has provided excellent osteopathy to my stiff and aching joints with an intuitive understanding of skeletal movement and mobility’.

Dr Len Shapiro
Consultant Cardiologist

Helen West, England Korfball Player 2012

“I came to Alex to be treated for a longstanding bilateral calf problem that had been causing injuries and been hampering my ability to perform at the top level of my sport. After various treatments from other specialists and no long-term improvement I was instantly impressed with the way Alex not only pinpointed my exact problem, but was able to deliver immediate relief in the very first session. He was able to diagnose exactly what was causing the problem, and show me exactly what the issues were. Alex’s exceptional treatment has meant that I have been able to get back to full fitness, and compete to the best of my ability. For the first time in years I head off to a major International championship knowing that I will be fit and healthy, and more importantly not hampered by injury, it is an incredible feeling. I cannot recommend Alex strongly enough to anyone that suffers from injuries or pains, especially athletes whose needs he completely understands. He has completely transformed my ability to play my sport at International level.”

Stephen Kay, MD Cambridge Water (retired)

“Alex Taylor has been my Osteopath since 2003 and has kept me at work (and on the cricket pitch) during that time. Always positive and never censorious when I forget to stretch regularly he was recommended to me and I never hesitate to recommend him and the Coach House Clinic to friends and associates.”

EG, GP in Cambridge

“Alex is very personable and is quick to put you at ease. His professional approach leads to a knowledgeable assessment of the problem and a full explanation of the treatment planned. After only one treatment for his back pain my son was able to substantially reduce his pain relief from previously very high levels and was able to function again. Osteopathy has also helped me with pain relief and improved my mobility. The clinic is easy to reach with convenient parking and kind, friendly staff.”

Adrian Thurley, Former Red Arrows Leader

“I have always been very active and fit playing squash or Real Tennis almost every day. Towards the end of 2005 I started to get some discomfort sitting down – particularly on anything hard such as a wooden chair. In January 2006 I woke one morning with complete loss of feeling in one leg. The next year was an endless series of visits to specialists, two MRI scans, spinal injections, dry needling etc – all to no avail. Eventually, the experts decided that as they could not find anything wrong there was nothing they could do! I resigned myself to discomfort sitting down for the rest of my life – not great for a long-haul airline pilot! In 2008 I was pursued (reluctantly) to go and see Alex Taylor who had apparently managed to cure long-standing, chronic problems for two of my friends. After less than five minutes of my first appointment, I realised I had never encountered anyone quite like him. He was confident from the outset that he could cure me and sure enough, some two months later, I am virtually cured. I have very slight periods of discomfort but the last traces of my condition are continuing to improve and I am totally confident it will be completely cured very shortly. My condition was not simple – it was caused by at least four different problems. Alex’s skill seems to be his highly analytical methodology combined with his ability to fix the resulting problems and at the same time explain to the patient, in plain English, what he has found, why and what he is going to do about it. In my experience, he is truly exceptional. Thanks you for everything!”

Dona Haycraft, Photographer

“Not only has Alex an extensive knowledge and understanding of how the human body works and puts it right, but he does so with sympathy, giving you confidence that given time recovery is possible. I came to him with a badly strained back with everything out of place it seemed and can now return to the garden knowing how to ‘manage’ the back better. Eternally grateful!”

Viviene Raymond, Managing Director

“I am pleased to support you with my testimonial about treatment received from you over the last 7 years. Having received treatment from various Osteopaths for the last 25 years, I can honestly say that I have not considered looking elsewhere since discovering your practice. I am always satisfied with every treatment received and would and always recommend you to others. Wish you all the best as always.”

Mary Prescott MCSP, Physiotherapist

“As a physiotherapist myself, it is readily apparent that Alex has outstanding observational and diagnostic skills. His treatments are highly effective, resulting in few sessions being required to alleviate symptoms. I have recommended friends and family to him, with confidence.”

Janet Barraclough, Psychologist

“Alex is friendly and efficient. He quickly pinpoints the problem and his treatments give me excellent results. I have used other osteopaths in the past, but have used Alex for the last four years as he is the best I have been to.”

Angie Dolby, Primary School Teacher

“I have been visiting Alex for the last 5 years and during that time have been shown the upmost sensitivity and respect. At all times he is highly professional while also being friendly and personable. On of the ways I feel he is able to offer this outstanding service is to get to know the person rather than just address the symptoms. Alex has delivered an unparalled service that has provided me with personal and physical reassurance. I am extremely grateful to him and as such highly recommend him.”

Clare Stanley, QC

“Alex Taylor has treated me since 2008. I cannot recommend him highly enough, and have frequently done so to my friends and family. He has treated both of my children, and I have watched how sensitively and flexibly he works understanding that different people benefit from different approaches to treatment.

For me, he has quite literally transformed my life. For 25 years I had suffered from intolerable and debilitating tension headaches which would last for weeks at a time. They have gone – thanks to Alex.

Anyone whose life is blighted by pain should think about having cranial (or any form of) osteopathy. It works!”

Dr J, Turner, Ashwell, Herts

I have no previous experience of osteopathy but have found being treated by Alex quite a revelation. His knowledge and scientific ability are immediately evident and I appreciate his business-like yet empathic approach. My first consultation, prompted by niggling back pain, was fascinating: Alex has an holistic approach, incorporating the mind and body (anatomical and physiological). I’m so glad to have been made aware of the care and attention I need to pay my 50-year old spine! More significantly, Alex has been tackling my ‘ideopathic sudden-onset chronic migraine’ (a diagnosis made by baffled neurologists at The Lister hospital six years ago, who found a clear MRI scan and apparently nothing wrong with my neck or shoulders, and for which I have been prescribed amitriptyline for the past 5 years). Alex gave me the confidence to get to the root cause of my pain, from his analysis and diagnosis through to treatment, plus advice about long-term posture and exercise regimens. My visits to the Coach House Clinic are always a pleasure – it is comfortable, well run and staffed by lovely and efficient people: I fully recommend it!

Dr Peter Hutchinson, Fellow, Trinity Hall

Every couple of years I used to be plagued by a neck/upper back problem, which usually resulted in a visit to a physiotherapist – who gently soothed the problem until it recurred. I must have seen five or six physios over a period of thirty years, but it was not until I was encouraged to try an osteopath that I realised the limitations of the physio approach. My neck needed radical treatment to cure it of a chronic problem, and Alexander Taylor proved outstanding in this respect. From his initial questions onwards, I had total confidence in his knowledge, and within minutes, of his technique. The strength of his arms, wrists and fingers is impressive, and he knows exactly how to apply them. The result was immediate. Several sessions later I feel I have a new body, and it is not just my neck, which has benefitted, a chronic cough has now virtually disappeared. Interestingly I am no longer searching for a comfortable position to sleep, it is also deeper and more restful. I am therefore able to recommend Alexander with total confidence. Visits to the Coach House were a real pleasure, and regularly spiced with witty commentary on life and the world…

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